Thursday, August 12, 2004

more telugu

నువ్వెక్కడుంటే, అక్కడ ఏదుంటే, దానితో ఏదో ఒకటి చెయ్యి
రామ కనవేమిరా ...
శ్రీ రఘురామ కనవేమిరా ...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Telugu test (talupu - Ismail)

తలుపు - ఇస్మాయిల్

నా మీద అలిగి
భళ్ళున తలుపు తెరుచుకుని
వెళ్ళిపోయావు నీవు

నీకై ఎన్నడో మూసుకున్న తలుపును
బార్లా తెరిచి,
గాలీ వెలుతురూ రానిచ్చినందుకు
బోలెడు థాంక్సు.

Silent Guitar (what's in a name?)

I thought I'll start my blog after failing to update my homepage for more than a year... I have to see what would be my blog's fate ;-)

I knew selection of name would be pain... let it be for a baby or for a blog. While registration, I typed expressions as my first choice. It said.. are you kidding? You are too late to take that name. Then I tried impressions. No luck. Then I kept on trying till the moment I realised all the names I would like to have are not available.

Out of frustration I typed silentguitar and bingo ! it worked!! For that matter, neither can I play guitar nor am I silent. You may find a silent guitar in your store room, probably with a couple of broken strings, not used anymore.. but it may have a story to tell. About all those days when it used to play beautiful music... in the tender hands of a lovely girl "I wanna hold your hand....". I too have a story to tell... may be more than one. And I will tell them here.

That's it to start with... Let me get a coffee... And hope to write soon again...